Saturday, July 1, 2017


I feel so free! Gratitude is my guide, nurturing all that I long to be. I am not alone anymore; I'm not that little child within me. Though it feels like I am living a dream, birds around me take flight. Even birds that do not fly are flying away. Motivation is my guide, leading me nearer to free. I do what I can, the best that I can with what belongs to me. I want to be me, the best I can be. When things get tough, I know that won't stop me. Because I have something bigger, something more powerful on my side. Because I know that God is rooting. A way to turn a test, a trial into a blessing is by learning to trust thee. The best solution is not always expediency. But, in keeping a close enough eye on the ends that I can fully be present in the means, in the trials, so I can be nearer liberty. Knowing that my God gave me not a spirit of fear. But of power, of love, a sound mind and dignity. I can feel this, in my drive to be free, merging within me. The strings of my destiny calling me to liberate myself of the wounds, pains and scars that oppress me. I will call upon you, remembering fully your grace, that by your great love, you have redeemed us. And that by your great mercy, you have forgiven us. And that by your great charity, you have called us. To worship you for eternity. I feel so free because of what you did for me; the price you paid for me set me free. With birds flying all around us. But then I realize, it's hardly about me. It's about you. About how you suffered and died for me. Which is why I will praise you for all of eternity. Fully One in three, the Holy Trinity.